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“Migration is a one way trip. There is no home to go back to.”
― Stuart Hall

“In Denmark, Lesley-Ann Brown works through multiple media to articulate biography, memory and experience, personally and around the issues of colonial amnesia and Blackness in America.”

“…But a great deal involves highly creative, multi-faceted and innovative presentations in poetry, music, video and other genres. For example, the work of Lesley-Ann Brown and Jeannette Ehlers cover a wide range of written, spoken-word, visual and performative genres…”

20 Questions and Answers on Black Europe by Stephen Small (Amrit Press, 2018)

“I do believe she is to Copenhagen, what Baldwin is to Paris.”

–Olani Ewunnet, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin

Brown has been featured and invited to participate in a range of events, including:

In March of 2016 “Say It Loud” – a poetry collective of Black women poets was founded by Zanubia A. Omar, Helen Qwin, Saynab Fahar Dahir, Seredo Qassim Mohamed and Brown. The first performance of this collective drew an impressive crowd and raised necessary funds for Freedom of Movements.

From left to right:  Danish actress Anna Neye, South African artist/intellectual Simi Dullay, Lesley-Ann Brown and Trinidadian Danish artist Jeannette Ehlers at the Copenhagen Main Library, Copenhagen.

Brown is currently on tour in the US to promote her memoir “Decolonial Daughter” which is available worldwide (Repeater Books) at your local book dealer & Amazon in US   and UK


You can book Brown for events and/or workshops at

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