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“We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society.” – Angela Davis

What does American racism have to do with Denmark? 

What’s wrong with the ‘n’ word? 

My child is Black, I can’t be racist! 

Can I touch your hair? 

Go back to where you came from!

Racism is dead. Obama was president. 

I don’t see colour!

What’s the relationship between racism, America & guns? 

Can a connection be made between racism and global warming ? 

From 1492 to Black Lives Matter is a talk/workshop/presentation specifically designed for:

  • Danish educators,
  • parents;
  • students from 9kl. to university level and
  • any other organisation interested in getting a better understanding on race, how to actively fight racism, how to not be a racist, how to be an anti-racist as well as what is happening in the U.S. and how it is connected to Europe.

From 1492 to Black Lives Matter will not only facilitate a more comprehensive understanding on race and how it impacts us today, in our world, but also how we can co-create a better future for ourselves and loved ones.

The famous Black American writer James Baldwin once said, “America comes out of Europe”, however, there tends to be a disconnect between what happens in the U.S. and what happens here in Europe – but, can anti-Black violence in America have anything to do with Denmark? We’ll explore this question and several more, giving you a better understanding of where we are today due to our very humble beginnings of western civilization. We will look, among other things, at the history of racism and how it manifests itself, even up to today.

Too often, Danes – adults and children- are left in the dark when it comes to understanding race and racism. Unfortunately, this cloak of ignorance is necessary in reinforcing white supremacy and so to reproduce racist behavior. You will learn not only how not to be racist, but how to become anti-racist.

Jeg taler også dansk! 

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Lesley-Ann Brown is a mother, TEDX speaker and educator originally from Brooklyn, New York. Having lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for the past twenty years, Brown has made impactful contributions towards intercultural, mutual comprehension through her writing and activism. Among many of the projects Brown has been involved in includes being one of the co-creators of the Say It Loud! Poetry collective, which built an intercultural poetry platform and performed throughout Copenhagen; being the national spokeswomen for the Women’s March in 2017; co-produced and hosted the first ever Women of Color panel in Denmark. However it is through her blog blackgirlonmars, created in 2007 that Brown made her name. Blackgirlonmars was about forging a space for oneself in otherwise alien-terrain, and inspiring others to do the same.

Her book Decolonial Daughter: Letters from a Black Woman to her European Son (Repeater Books, UK, 2017), explores, through the lens of motherhood, issues such as migration, identity, gender, nationhood and how it relates to land, forced migrations, imprisonment and genocide.

Brown contextualises her and her Danish son’s existence in a post-colonial and supposedly post-racial world, where the very machine of so-called progress has been premised upon the demise of her lineage. Through these letters, she writes the past into the present – from the country that has been declared “The Happiest Place in the World” – creating a vision that is a necessary alternative to the dystopian one currently being bought and sold.

Brown’s work has appeared in anthologies in the U.S., Denmark and the U.K.  such as Expat: Women’s Tales of Life Abroad (Seale Press, USA) and In Defense of Mumia (Writers & Readers, NYC).  She was also a contributor to The Murmur, a Copenhagen-based English language newspaper and NBCBLK, a subsidiery of NBC.  She divides her time between Copenhagen, Brooklyn and Trinidad and Tobago.

Brown studied Writing and Literature at the New School for Social Research, with a focus on Race & Representation. Her professors include literary icons as Suzan-Lori Parks and Jane Lazarre. She later went on to work for four years with publishing luminary Marie D. Brown before moving to Copenhagen, Denmark. She honed her writing skills freelancing for the Source, Vibe and Russell Simmons’ OneWorld magazine in the mid to late 90s, writing about art, books and music.

Throughout the years, Brown has been featured and invited to participate in a range of events, such as most recently to give the keynote at Cliffrose Convergence at Prescott College, and in Norway for DENOR. She’s traveled in connection with to her work to Berlin, Germany; London, UK; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Helsinki & Turku, Finland; New York, USA; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad; Los Angeles, St. Paul, Portland, U.S. and many other cities around the world.

Brown is available for consultations and will tailor workshops/presentations/talks to the needs of your particular institution. 

Lesley-Ann Brown is publishing and education professional with experience in writing, editing, speaking, teaching and performing. She has appeared in cities & countries such as Oslo, Norway; Stockholm, Sweden; Copenhagen, Denmark; Berlin, Germany; Amsterdam, the Netherlands; Port-of-Spain, Trinidad and in the US including Los Angeles, CA; San Francisco, CA; Portland, OR; St. Paul, MN; Baltimore, MD; Brooklyn & Manhattan in New York.

As a mother and teacher to a diverse student body, Brown is committed to co-creating a world based on mutual comprehension and intercultural respect.

If you are interested in contracting Brown for editorial or writing projects, please contact

contact for further information and bookings.

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