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  • TEDX OdenseWomen

    Decolonial Daughter: A Roadmap to Liberation “Decolonial Daughter: A Roadmap to Liberation” *This talk contains strong language. Viewer discretion is advised. Lesley Ann Brown Trinidadian-American writer Lesley-Ann Brown explores motherhood, migration, identity, nationhood and how it relates to land, imprisonment, and genocide for Black and Indigenous peoples. Having moved to Copenhagen, Denmark from Brooklyn over […]

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  • Blackgirl on Mars Audio

    Lesley-Ann Brown on CounterPunch Radio! “Writing is a type of sorcery.”  So says author, poet, and educator Lesley-Ann Brown on this week’s CounterPunch Radio. Listen to hear Lesley-Ann discuss her book “Decolonial Daughter: Letters from a Black Woman to Her European Son” and some of the important political, cultural, and spiritual themes that weave the […]

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  • Blackgirl on Mars on CUNY TV’s BLK/America

        Click here to see additional media featuring Lesley-Ann Brown aka Blackgirl on Mars. 

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  • Savvy Contemporary, Berlin, Germany

    A reading with Lesley-Ann Brown, followed by a conversation with Olani Ewunnet @ SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin, Germany   “I do believe she is to Copenhagen, what Baldwin is to Paris.” –Olani Ewunnet, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin On Thursday October 18th,  I had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Olani Ewunnet from SAVVY Contemporary in Berlin, […]

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